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Gear and Food Packing List


Backpacking the West Coast Trail



To help those who are planning a trip to the West Coast Trail,

here is a list and photo of the gear and food I packed to take along, 

as well as what I had left over at the end of the trip. Of course there are now a lot of cool electronic gadgets and more technically advanced gear that has become available since I did the trip that you may also like to bring along.


Hard Goods

85 Litre Backpack

Tensor bandage
Sewing kit
Travel toothbrush
Carry pouch for personal care items
Ibuprofen (half a bottle)
Tylenol (half a bottle)
Anti-diarrhea tablets (a few)
Medical tape (10 feet)
Selection of Band-Aids
Fire starting tablets (6)
Sample size Polysporin
Soap container (to contain first aid items)

T-shirts (2)
Underwear (3)
Long sleeve T-shirt
Nylon shorts
Ball cap
Wicking liner socks
Wool outer socks
Wicking outer socks
Cotton sleep socks
Fleece jacket
Fleece pants
Rain poncho
Plastic rain suit (jacket and pants)
Thin cotton gloves
Rubber gloves for ladders
Backpacking boots


7 packs Crystal light (21 litres)
700 grams cappeletti pasta (2 shared dinners serving 6)
7 servings Carnation instant breakfast
7 portions powdered milk for above 
2 servings instant rice
6 pouches instant oatmeal
3 portions cream of wheat w/ powdered milk and brown sugar
2 packs pasta sauce
2 ichiban soup
6 peppermint tea
6 berry tea
6 large tray size dehydrated fruit rolls
4 portions hot chocolate
400 grams beef jerky
250 grams dried apples
Thai beef boil bag
Teriyaki chicken boil bag
Small container peanut butter
6 bagels
400 gram cheese



And the short list below is the excess food I had left at the end of the trip...

3 carnation instant breakfast
3 portions powdered milk (for above)
3 peppermint tea
3 berry tea
5 large tray size dehydrated dried fruit rolls
2 portions hot chocolate
150 grams beef jerky
2 ichiban soup
5 packs crystal light (15 litres)
Some peanut butter
Some rice

More Hard Goods!

Personal alarm (it's my bear scare ; >)
Swiss army knife
Spare batteries for camera
Spare batteries for headlamp
Sleeping bag
Pack cover
Insulated mug
Trail guide book (Blisters and Bliss)
Trail map (official)
Tide tables (laminated)
Pencil and paper
Fork, knife, spoon

Nylon rope (20 feet)
Stove fuel bottle, full (1 litre)
Bottle of SPF 20 sunscreen
Bottle of bug gel
Odorless deodorant
Bottle of Campsuds
BIC lighter
Match container with wooden matches
Iodine tablets (50)
Neutralizer tablets (50)
Duct tape wrapped around fuel bottle (10 feet)
Dental floss wrapped around toothbrush handle (10 feet)
Naglene water bottles (2 at 1 litre each)
Platypus with hose (2 litre)
Large plastic garbage bags (6) 
Film (4 rolls, 36 exposure)


Join one man's journey into

           the heart of Asia

with nothing but a backpack...


"The hardest thing is explaining to your co-workers that

               you're grouchy

because you were up until 1am reading..."

Ada Litvinov

Rice Crust from the Bottom of the Pot: A Journey Across South East Asia

Although in creating this site I have tried to make the information as accurate as possible, it is not meant to be a guide, and I accept no responsibility for any loss, injury, or inconvenience sustained by anyone using the information.


Backpacking the West Coast Trail

  2005 Parry Loeffler