I spent a full month in Myanmar (Burma), exploring the little-visted country that remains shrouded in mystery.

What I found was a place with a rich culture, unlike any other in Southeast Asia.

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Just before heading into Myanmar for a month, I used Thailand as a staging point. Since I was there, I figured I'd head up north and see a few places that I'd skipped over during my first visit in 2002 as well as revisit a few of my favorite areas like Pai. of Java.




I had planned to spend a month in Bali, but found myself craving some adventure after only a couple of weeks there, so I looked on the map and decided to hop a ferry over to the island of Java.

Much more raw and undeveloped than Bali, Java was exactly what I needed.



Enroute to Myanmar, I decided to stopover in Bali. The island is extremely comfortable and is digestable by even the most inexperienced traveler. You can go surfing in the early morning, head out on an inland tour of volcanos for the day by motorbike, and be back for a fresh seafood dinner by the evening.