Parry Loeffler

I have a huge passion for mountain adventure and traveling, which has taken me around the globe.

When I'm home to enjoy the mountains, I backcountry ski/tour during the winters and bike and rock/alpine climb in the summers.

When I travel, I enjoy going with only my backpack to visit developing countries, integrating with the locals as much as possible by using public transport, eating where they eat, and staying in modest accommodations.


On this website, I share a lot of my adventures. My vision for doing this might not be intuitive. I like to do stuff; I like to live and experience. While I'm certainly not great at any one thing, I do things to be best of my ability, striving to continually improve, and always with passion. By living as fully as I am able, I want to inspire others to live their lives the way they envision, making their plans reality, whether that reality involves aspirations like mine, or something completely different. There are many people I look to for the same sort of energy! As Paulo Coelho says: Tell your story! Give your example... and other people will then have the courage to face their own mountains.

On a more basic level, I also simply want to share information and a few ideas which will help others. From my work using Microloans to empower others via, to my West Coast Trail website and my $5 Ski Wax Bench plan, which has really taken off with 1000's of hits and enhancement ideas from others.

In browsing around, you'll also find many other windows into my world containing all kinds of tasty morsels... so after spending some time here, get out there and make it happen!

In turn, I get inspired by feedback from people who I inspire. Feel free to contact me and share if I've got you moving on something!