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ACC GMC Guides and Staff List for Week 4

Cyril Shokoples


Cyril is an internationally certified mountain guide and past President of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG). He's received several awards for his guiding excellence and operates Rescue Dynamics. It seems to me that he's also working diligently with his guitar to become a rock star.

Conrad Janzen


Conrad is a certified ACMG guide. And a awesome one at that. I bombarded him continually with technical questions until his head spun. He also pulled me up several mountains. Well, not really, but I learned a ton from him.

Lars Andrews


Lars is a certified guide who knows his stuff and helped me a lot with my trad anchor building. He's a certified machine when climbing. He also spends his time Guiding and operating Whitecap Alpine Lodge, a private backcountry ski lodge based in the Coast Mountains out of Pemberton BC.

Nancy Hansen

Amateur Leader

Nancy is a real bundle of energy. I quite enjoyed her tenacity and drive during our several outings. It was pretty cool to be on her rope as I'd seen her on the cover of the 11,000er's book and read about her climbs with Bill Corbett for a couple of years before camp. She holds several admirable mountaineering records, one being the first female (and sixth person) to climb all of the 54 peaks over 11,000 feet (3350 metres) in the Canadian Rockies

Peter Findlay

Amateur Leader

Peter is an all around great guy and in his off time from the mountains is an accomplished runner. So if you're on his rope, you will get up the mountain, whether under your power or his. He's a 9-time finisher (and 6-time champ) of the Knee Knacker. Here's a fun video clip I dug up.

Simon Statkewich

Amateur Leader

As of the time of writing, Simon is on the board of directors for the Alpine Club of Canada - that is, when he isn't off traveling some corner of the world as he's recently done.

Zac Robinson

Camp Manager

Zac made sure everything in camp ran smoothly and also made sure I was up on time every morning at an obscene hour to climb something. He's done some cool climbs, including a 4-day speed ascent of Mt.McKinley - the tallest mountain in North America.

Also on board were Laurie MacMillan, Valerie McLeod, and Kim Purdy. The tirelessly fed us well with amazing, fresh, home-cooked meals every day.

Although in creating this site I have tried to make the information as accurate as possible, it is not meant to be a guide, and I accept no responsibility for any loss, injury, or inconvenience sustained by anyone using the information.

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