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A real adventure,

by a real guy. 

If you're going to do

something, do it big. Fascinating.

Dean Fedecko


The hardest thing is explaining to your

 co-workers that you're grouchy because you were up until 1am reading...

Ada Litvinov






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Rice Crust from the Bottom of the Pot

A Journey Across South East Asia

A new release by Parry Loeffler


Parry Loeffler knew he needed a change. So he locked up his house and left
everything behind except for a change of clothes, setting out on an adventure
to South East Asia for several months of backpacking in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.

Follow along on his journey as he explores the ancient ruins of Angkor in
Cambodia, encounters unusual foods like Barbecued Frogs on a Stick in Thailand, and takes a harrowing road trip from Laos to Vietnam through a remote mountain pass. Join him as he comes to know the fantastic people of these countries.

If you've been there, this book will bring back some vivid memories.
If you're planning to go, it will give you a flavor for what is to come.
If you're one that is content to sit back in a chair and just read about it,
Rice Crust from the Bottom of the Pot will take you there.

 Also, try cooking authentic Vietnamese, Thai, and Cambodian cuisine
with recipes that come straight from the kitchens of South East Asia!

237 pages, with dozens of photos and 3 delicious recipes

An 89 Degree Press Book

ISBN 0-9733648-1-1

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$9.95 Canadian

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