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The media interest in the book has been very positive.  On this page we've set up a link to recent live television interviews and a radio interview. They cover my experience backpacking Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos as well as why I went.

We've also posted the official press release for the book the bottom of the page. 


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  Video clips courtesy of CFCN and Global Television



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News Release


Tasty, Fried Grasshoppers, Still Only 40 Cents a Bag?

Calgary, AB - The 89 Degree Press has released a new book by Parry Loeffler that reveals what traveling across South East Asia can really be like. Rice Crust from the Bottom of the Pot: A Journey Across South East Asia is an on-the-road travel book that chronicles the daily adventures of Parry as he backpacks through Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. Readers are taken along as he encounters everything from unusual foods like barbecued frogs on a stick to a harrowing trip through a remote mountain pass on a bus loaded with an unknown cargo hidden in the roof. He also reveals the lighter, often hilarious, side of traveling in a foreign country.

As a thirty-four-year-old bachelor, Parry knew he needed a change. He had spent eight years building a profitable consulting business based in his hometown of Calgary, in Canada. Despite his success, he was becoming bored and weary of the day-to-day grind. He felt like he was already burning out.

He began to realize that what he needed to do was to shake things up a bit. Gradually, it became clear that how he should do this was by doing some traveling. Parry says, "I was never one of those people who had a burning desire to travel, but thought it would be good to learn about our friends on the other side of the world." So, although it was completely out of character, he decided to quit working and embark on 4.5 months of adventure travel in South East Asia and New Zealand.

He found that there is never a boring day when traveling with a backpack and that you never really know what to expect. He writes, "The days unfold before you, like the unrolling of a richly-colored fabric from its spool, the colors sometimes flowing together in harmony, sometimes clashing and with no recognizable pattern for you to grasp onto." As he traveled he found the experience became about much more than just simple adventure. It provided many unexpected insights, both into the people he met along the way as well as into himself, and ultimately changed his outlook on life.

The book is $19.95, 237 pages, contains dozens of photos, and even includes three delicious recipes that come straight from the locals' kitchens in South East Asia. It also has an Internet website, www.parryloeffler.com/ricecrust, with an excerpt, a photo gallery with some of his favorite shots, and full details on which bookstores have it. The book can also be ordered online.