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Are the food carts and stalls safe to eat from?





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 In general, the old rule of "make sure it's cooked, washed in purified water, or peeled, otherwise don't eat it" applies.

I tended to avoid any uncooked "garnishes" unless adding them to a hot bowl of soup (which cooks any bad stuff on them). In other cases, where it is just a garnish, it's often not a huge loss to push it aside because the food is fantastic enough without them. 

As for the stalls,  I never got sick at one, but ate at many. Just pick one that looks clean and remember this: you can see them prepare it at the stall as well as witness their level of hygiene, which you can't really do in a restaurant, right? Just use your judgment - if they are making omelets, and it's noon, and the eggs have been sitting in the sun for a few hours, you might want to pass.

In summary, just be careful and use your head, but do indulge and enjoy, the food is INCREDIBLE!

More about my experiences in traveling across South East Asia can be found in Rice Crust from the Bottom of the Pot.










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