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Five Ten Spire

Rock Climbing Shoes Review




The Good: comfortable, well-made, excellent choice as a first shoe or long-day outdoor shoe.


The Not-So-Good: none.



As you walk around the indoor climbing gyms or the local crags, look at what people are wearing: I'm certain you'll see a lot of these blue shoes!

I bought these Five Ten Spire's as my first pair of rock shoes when just learning to climb. At first I only used them only indoors where they perform well, then began to use them outdoors as well with the same results.

The did seem to stretch a bit, which can lead to problems if you buy them too big - shopping for rock shoes is a bit different from your normal shoe shopping trips. You want them nice and snug even when broken in, so when new they should be a little bit tighter than that. Now that mine have stretched I find that they don't always give me the support I need when standing precariously on a tiny ledge - this is quite painful on the bones in the feet. However, as a beginner doing easier routes, you may not even run into this until you begin the more challenging climbs. Regardless, be sure not to buy them too big!

They are very well made. The uppers are still in fine shape even though I've put them through enough use that the soles are beginning to wear through.

I'd buy these shoes again and think that they're a great choice for people just beginning the climbing as well as those who want to have a comfortable shoe for longer days of climbing outdoors. As alluded to, they are not the best on really technical, tiny footholds, but they're not really meant to be the shoe for that: These are your all-around workhorse shoe.


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