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 *** WARNING to WRITERS! ***



I am a writer and had a piece titled "The Plan" published along with several photos in the June 2009 issue of Real Travel Magazine. The agreed upon payment to me for this was 175. As of yet, in 2013, I still have not  been paid despite sending the invoice twice and following up with multiple friendly reminders and queries as to the payment status (and even providing my banking details, which they requested at one point.)   

As a result, I've spent the time to put this page up as a warning to all writers thinking of submitting pieces to Real Travel Magazine.

Below is a copy of the original email I received from the Real Travel Magazine editor agreeing to the payment details:


--- On Tue, 4/28/09, name_withheld <***@***> wrote:

From: name_withheld <***@***>
Subject: Re: Query: The Plan
To: ploeffler@***
Date: Tuesday, April 28, 2009, 2:53 AM

Re: Query: The Plan Hi Parry.

Thanks for this. In terms of photos, Ive had a look through and they all look great we need quite a few, so would be a pain for you to send all of the album over? And include at least one of yourself for the writer profile?

Also, not sure if you got my email about a second writer profile? Could you please send over another one around 70 words on your travelling background this one will be for the contributor page at the start of the magazine.

Finally, in terms of payment, this length piece I would offer 175. If youd like to send over an invoice asap, Ill get it processed as soon as the magazine has gone to press.

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